Are you failing to get the results you need from postings and other HR recruiters?

We don’t sit back waiting for candidates to come to us.

In most cases, our clients have already made attempts to fill their positions through posting or other recruiting.

We proactively contact HR professionals every day and have developed a significant network and database of Compensation and Benefits specialists.  We are also members of the WorldatWork, SHRM, and other relevant associations.

As a result, we are able to skip the research phase which takes most other recruiting firms weeks to prepare.  That means we can usually start making calls on your search within 24 hours of contractual agreement.

Because we work at various levels and with many degrees of client urgency, we have different levels of fees and priority with which to define a search.  We provide three choices for our clients:  Retained, Contingency, and Priority.  

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Search Options

Search Selection and Process

  • Obtain complete job order information and client companies’ plans and opportunities.
  • Obtain profile of ideal candidate including personality and behavioral traits desired.
  • Consult with client on industry compensation standards and competitors’ compensation profiles.
  • For retained searches, present timetable detailing the steps with completion targets.
  • Compile lists of targeted companies and candidates.
  • Conduct in-depth telephone interviews with candidates to ascertain three things:
    • Do they have the appropriate background and capabilities to meet client’s needs?
    • Are they willing to change jobs for the right opportunity?
    • Will the candidate’s career goals be satisfied by client’s opportunity?
  • If desired, conduct interactive video interviews with qualified candidates (additional cost).
  • Present qualified candidates to client and discuss results of in-depth candidate interviews.
  • Arrange first interviews with client.
  • Prepare candidates for first interview.
  • Prepare client for first interview.
  • Debrief candidate.
  • Debrief client.  Professionally release any candidate the client does not wish to pursue.
  • Conduct in-depth reference checking and provide results to client.
  • Arrange second interview and discuss concerns with candidate and client.
  • Debrief candidate and client.
  • Coordinate with client the compensation package to be offered to ensure satisfaction for both parties.
  • Coordinate verbal offer with candidate to assure acceptance of formal offer by client.
  • Consult with candidate about professional resignation and counteroffer consequences.
  • Confirm start date.  Candidate will confirm in writing.
  • Remain in close contact with the candidate through start date.
  • Contact client and candidate through first six months to be sure both parties are on a positive course.
  • Periodically verify satisfaction.